Payments Automation

  • Vendor Payments

    Schedule payments, pay suppliers in bulk or adhoc with business credit cards

  • tax

    GST Payments

    Automate GST payments by fetching all pending challans from GST Portal and pay using business credit cards

  • tax

    Direct Tax Payments

    All Direct Tax payments can be made on PayMate platform using credit cards

  • Real-time Detailed Reports

    Manage working capital and stay on top of payables and receivables with real-time reports

  • Enhanced Control

    Control spends with custom approval workflows and detailed reports on transactions

  • Automated Reconciliations

    API integrations with ERP or accounting systems to save time & resources in back office reconciliations

Process Automation

  • Digitized RPFs, POs, Invoices

    No More Manual Work. Create purchase orders, transmit POs to vendors, match vendor invoices to POs – all in one place

  • Automated Workflows

    Ensure truly paperless processing with 3 -way document matching, approval workflow & dynamic discounting

  • Access to Working Capital

    Achieve working capital goals by extending early payment discounts to suppliers without touching your company’s own cash

Invoice Discounting Marketplace

Surplus deployed at ZERO RISK to earn HIGHER RETURNS on PAYMENTS DUE towards suppliers. This streamlines working capital for suppliers and increases supplier satisfaction.

How it works?

  • Payments Automtion

    Surplus capital deployed in the marketplace for invoice payments

  • Discount Offered

    Supplier offers a discount on the invoice for early payment

  • Accept Offer

    Corporate accepts discount offered as per the available capital

  • Earnings

    Corporate earns a return over and above the traditional investment options

Benefits To Buyers

  • Allows maintenance / extension of DPO/DSO due to utilization of commercial card credit

  • Reduces costs of accounts payable/receivable functions

  • No disruption to existing payment processes or infrastructure

  • Easy Supplier management with greater control and flexibility

  • Clear visibility into cashflows